• Student Testimonials

  • "...A true craftsman in every sense of the word... He has a true gift for working with others and an uncanny ability to nurture and develop talent on a profound and deep level. He is an extraordinary teacher. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone serious about the 'craft of acting'... He's the Real Deal."
    --Laurie Holden, Actor
    "Fantastic Four"

    "The Shield"

    "Silent Hill"
"The X-Files"

    "Bjorn is a rare combination: a talented, versatile working actor and a dedicated, insightful teacher. Any actor who is truly interested in honing his craft (for any medium) could benefit greatly from Bjorn's teaching."
    --J.K. Simmons
    "The Closer"
"Burn After Reading"


    "Spiderman 1- 3"

    "Bjørn's selfless enthusiasm and joy in his work make him the coach and teacher to have. He abounds with talent."
    --Barbara Garrick, Actor
    "Far From Heaven"

"Postcards from the Edge"
    "Sleepless in Seattle"

    "A Small Family Business" (Broadway)
"A Thousand Clowns" (Broadway)

    "Bjørn Johnson strikes that perfect balance of coach, colleague, and cheerleader. He challenges me to push beyond my comfort zone, and never forgets to lend the support and nurturing I need to get there. My booking ratio is up 400% since working with him -- no accident.”
    --David Ackert, Actor
    "Maryam" (Feature Film)

    "Six Feet Under"

    "Dr. Vegas"


    "I've studied with many coaches, both here and Chicago (including Uta Hagen), but since switching to Bjørn, both my work and my life outside of the work have changed dramatically for the better!"
    --Carmen Mormino, Actor
    "One Hour Photo"

"Odd Couple II"
"String Theory" (Feature Film)